Sample Publications

Human Resource Management International Digest

In this article I argue that rest is a hidden key to successful leadership. It is not a weakness but when used strategically, is a strength for any leader.

Vanderpyl, T.H. (2012). Rest is the hidden key to successful leadership. Human Resource Management International Digest, 20(7), 3-4. Download article here:

Journal of Healthcare Leadership

Both servant leadership and innovation are easier to theorize than to actually implement in practice. This article presents a case study of a Canadian health care executive who led a remarkable turnaround of St Michael's Health Centre, a floundering and almost bankrupt nursing home. In less than 7 years, Kevin Cowan turned around the finances and changed numerous broken relationships into strategic alliances. Under his leadership, St Michael's Health Centre went from being one of the most underperforming health care organizations in Canada, to one of the most innovative. This article describes some of Cowan's strategies and argues that a servant leadership approach has a direct impact on an organization's ability to innovate. As far as the author is aware, this is the first published article on this specific change effort, which presents a unique perspective on the topics of servant leadership and innovation.

Vanderpyl, T.H. (2012, February). Servant leadership: A case study of a Canadian innovator. Journal of Healthcare Leadership, 4, 9-16. Download article here:

 Journal of Strategic Leadership

Where do non-profit boards recruit from when they inevitably need to replace key leadership positions? One source of recruitment may be from the for-profit executive ranks. Ironically, many non-profits are uninterested in recruiting from the ranks of older, retiring professionals, even though these experienced professionals form a major pool to recruit from. The transition is not without hurdles, and this article focuses on some of the differences and similarities amongst leadership positions in the business and non-profit world and the issues and strategies involved in the transition to non-profit leadership. Organization,leadership and followership are all needed in any organization, but the differences may diminish the romantic idealism that some executives may have on working in a non-profit organization. Darren is a fictitious character, but his struggles and experiences are synonymous with the struggles that many leaders may face in a transition from the for-profit to the non-profit world of organizations.

Vanderpyl, T.H. (2009). Romantic idealism: Transitioning from for-profit to non-profit leadership. Journal of Strategic Leadership, 2(1). Download article